Consumers are always looking for new and exciting products, and cannabinoids are no exception. HHC is the hottest cannabinoid of 2023 so far. Not all HHC is created equal, though. Power Distribution’s extra-potent HHC-R blows them all out of the water — read on to learn more about what makes HHC-R so exciting and why it will be your next best-selling cannabinoid.

(S)-HHC vs. (R)-HHC

HHC, which stands for hexahydrocannabinol, is a cannabinoid that is technically made up of two compounds: (S)-HHC and (R)-HHC. These compounds are also known as 9S-HHC and 9R-HHC. The ratio of (S)-HHC to (R)-HHC is sometimes listed on lab reports.  

(S)-HHC is inactive, which means it doesn’t bond to cannabinoid receptors and won’t produce a “high.” This essentially means it’s a filler since it doesn’t produce any known effects. 

(R)-HHC is active, which means it can easily bond to the body’s cannabinoid receptors and will produce a “high.”  

The ratio of (S)-HHC to (R)-HHC is one of the main factors determining an HHC product’s strength. If an HHC vape or edible has higher levels of (R)-HHC, it will be more potent than an HHC product with higher levels of (S)-HHC. Most HHC products on the market have higher levels of (S)-HHC because (S)-HHC is easier to produce. Making products with a higher concentration of (R)-HHC is possible, though — Power Distribution’s line of Knockout vapes is proof. 

What is HHC-R?

HHC-R is Power Distribution’s unique HHC blend. We formulate HHC with 90% (R)-HHC — far higher than most other producers — and HHC-R is the name we’ve given this potent blend. 

Power Distribution’s HHC-R products contain no fillers and no unnecessary additives. HHC-R brings consumers pure, potent (R)-HHC in a safe and convenient package. 

Our Knockout blends, which feature HHC-R blended with live resin, hit hard and fast. They produce a long-lasting, euphoric high in a consistent and easy-to-use package. HHC-R products are more potent and reliable than any other HHC product on the market today, and Power Distribution is the only distributor that carries this revolutionary new legal cannabinoid. 

What is a Racemic Mixture?

This question requires some chemistry. A racemic mixture is “a 50:50 mixture of two enantiomers.” Enantiomers are essentially molecules that are mirror images of each other. 

Racemic mixtures and enantiomers show up in many different compounds; for our purposes, they refer to the fact that HHC is made of two different “types” of HHC molecule — inactive (S)-HHC and psychoactive (R)-HHC. 

How Strong is HHC-R?

It’s hard to conclude how strong HHC is since each manufacturer uses a different ratio of (S)-HHC to (R)-HHC. Some HHC feels less potent than Delta-8 THC, and some HHC products feel almost as strong as Delta-9 THC. 

HHC-R, however, is much more consistent and much more potent than other HHC blends. HHC-R is the strongest form of HHC currently available and provides long-lasting effects. Most estimates put HHC-R at significantly stronger than Delta-8 THC, but not quite as potent as Delta-9 THC. It’s an excellent option for consumers looking for something mellow that will still get them buzzed. 

Where to Buy HHC-R

The only place to buy HHC-R is through Power Distribution. Our unique formula is the strongest HHC on the market, and we offer many delicious flavors of vapes and 510-threaded cartridges. Bring your customers the potent HHC-R experience they want with Power Distribution’s products — contact us or set up a wholesale account today and learn more.